To contact any staff members please get in touch with the school at 755-8440.


Mr. Shaun MacDonald - Principal

Ms. Lucy Brennan - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Selena Bannerman - Grade 5/6B

Mrs. Karen Crane-Georgeson -  Grade 5/6G

Mrs. Beth Cyr - Grade 7C

Mrs. Lorenne MacDonald - Grade 7M

Ms. Joan MacGregor - 8M

Ms. Jill Ryan - Phys. Ed. (5-8)

Mr. Bruce Pettipas - Music (5&6)

Mrs. Connie Wilson- Core French (5&6)

Mrs. Beth Cyr - Core French (7&8)

Ms. Audrey Cameron - Resource

Mrs. Sarah Wood - Social and Emotional Learning

Ms. Kaitlyn Duff - First Nations Support Worker

Ms. Stacy Smaldon - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Hayley Finley - Educational Assistant

Ms. Taryn Roy - Educational Assistant

Ms. Vanessa Lake - Educational Assistant

Ms. Debra Clark - Librarian

Mrs. Helen Roper - Custodian

Mr. Peter Kember - Custodian

Mrs. Laurie Turner - Cook

Mrs. Sandra Farrell - Student Monitor