November Meeting Summary


Tuesday, November 7th, 2023  



Attendance: Danielle McCarron, Shane Pitts, Melinda Butler, Ashlie Cormier (via phone)
Regrets: Sarah Wood, Damon Pentz


Call to Order: 5:44pm


Approval of Agenda:

  • Ashley added new Agenda item on behalf of Damon

  • NNEC students to volunteer with sports 

  • Shane added to “New Business”

  • New School Meeting November 8th. 

  • Regional SAC Meeting November 9th. 

  • Yearbook

Motioned: Danielle McCarron

Seconded: Melinda Butler 


Review of Summary from Previous Meeting

  • Motioned:Ashlie Cormier

  • Seconded: Danielle McCarron


Business arising from the previous meeting

  • PBL Round 1: 

  1. Boxes for messages for shane about Bullying

  1. Box in Office

  1. Virtual Google forms

  1. Drama & Music

  1. Shane plans to reach out to Creative Pictou County 

  1. Bruce Pettipas may do a school choir group

  1. Sarah Wood is starting a Drama Club at lunch


  • There is no curtain in the gym, which limits the usage of the stage.

  • Danielle suggested partnering with NGA for a play.

  1. Intramurals

  1. League creation instead of an open gym. Being led by Tracy Murray. 

  1. Sports Teams at School

  1. Town Recreation contact: Emily Mortin

  1. Jays Care Foundation

  • Funding towards more sports teams (ex/ softball league for males)

  1. Possibly join other schools

  1. Ashlie suggested Alex Freckleton as a contact for male softball. 

  1. Amy Eisen: 7 and 8 softball skills

  1. Student Leaders

  1. Start having regular meetings every second week

  1. Lead by Shane

  1. New SAC Member from student leaders 

  1. Danielle suggested rotating the student leaders.

  1. Ashlie mentioned this is great for resumes. 


New Business: 

Principals Report

  • PBL Round 2:

  • What does the Youth want to see in Trenton?

  • Province is pushing for more Afterschool Activities.

  • Students will present these proposals to the Town Council.


  • SSP:

  • Literacy Goal: 

  • Fluency (Partner Reading & Paragraph Shrinking). 

  • Re-test Thursday, November 16, 2023 

  • Analyze the data and next steps with Katelyn Mansfield, November 24, 2023

  • Well-Being Goal: 

  • PBL (student input)

  • PD for staff lead by Sarah Wood

  • Math Goal:

  • Math Up PD lead by Kathryn Mackie

  • TMS Math Teachers to attend NGA for PD/refresher and networking on November 24, 2023


  • Shane needs to ask Kristen about this. 

  • About $7 000 and $8 000


  • Danielle asked about offering a hot lunch service to the students

  • Home and School offering Pizza to celebrate Literacy Achievement

  • Shane will talk to Connie in the Cafeteria about offering a monthly meal. Families could have a survey to determine interest. Danielle suggested SAC paying for this. 

  • Ashlie suggested Fruit Kabobs for the students. 

  • Shane will add to Newsletter or Trenton Talk for donations towards food.


  • Damon talked to Zack Langois

  • NNEC Students will volunteer to help out with sports if needed. 

  • There is a need for a Jr. High Boys Basketball Team. An adult coach is needed before students can volunteer. 


New School Meeting:

  • Initial meeting with staff at 3pm and SAC at 4pm on November 8th, 2023

  • Information and Questions

Regional SAC Meeting: 

  • November 9th, 2023 at Truro Elementary


  • There should be a page in the yearbook to thank sponsors.

  • Yearbook will be free of charge. 

Youth Input:

  • No Youth Present to Report


Next meeting - December 5, 2023 at 5:30pm




Motioned by: Danielle McCarron

Seconded by: Melinda Butler 

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